If everyone started to work together, money would just become unnecessary!


Money is by far the worst invention ever and everyone depends on it. Why? We now need money to evolve but is that really necessary?

Evolution is something that has always happened instinctively and eventually it’s the stronger one that survives. But how do you become stronger? Not by gathering money but by gathering strengths. And knowing that knowledge is a strength, why not leave money beside and let companies globally work together without exchanging that unnecessary object.


How to create an anchor link per node in Drupal views


Creating anchor links in views in Drupal can be very easy. You can to it this way:

  • In the view render the output as fields.
  • Add the field ‘Content: path’.
  • Open the fieldset ‘Rewrite results’.
  • Check the rewrite output checkbox.
  • Enter the following text in the rewrite output textarea:
    • <a href='[path]#youranchor’>Your custom link text</a>

The [path] token is the path alias of the node and can be found in the replace patterns section.